Team Norway Roller Derby has already made history: we are Norway’s first ever national roller derby team. Team Norway is made up of 20 top players, with a support crew of two coaches and one manager.

In December 2014 we are going to Dallas, Texas, to play in our first ever world cup tournament. Travelling for this kind of tournament demands a lot from the team and crew. We need to be in top shape, we have to be technically and tactically well prepared, and we will have to fund equipment, travel and accommodation.

Would you like to help us cover some of the costs required to make this trip?

We are looking for large and small sponsors who can work with us to help put Norway on the map as a derby nation. We have already developed a great team of players, and cannot wait to see what we can achieve internationally. We have high ambitions but an empty wallet…

So support us and join the team!

We will work hard as the first team to represent Norway in a roller derby world cup. But we are totally dependent on financial help from you. No contribution is too small (or too big) and we really appreciate all help in getting us to the World Cup!


Kind regards
Team Norway Roller Derby

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